“Trained as a textile artist, Elizabeth’s work explores memory and story-telling. She aims to unite the darker tones of experience with a delight in the every-day. The work is narrative and inspired by stories: Greek myths, fairy tales, folklore, poetry, life stories and events.

Indigo-dyed fabric is the basis of much of the work: the indigo dye produces many shades of blue, evocative of the tones and moods of the time between the end of the day and the night. Currently Chinese-dyed indigo fabric forms the basis of the pieces, worked on with stitch, appliqué, screen-printing and quilting.

Elizabeth has work in private and public collections throughout the UK, Ireland, Germany and America and has been a member of The 62 Group of Textile Artists since 1989. A graduate of Goldsmith’s College, London (1986), she was awarded an M.A. (Distinction) from the University of Ulster, Belfast (2000).”

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“Eurydice and Orpheus”
96cm x 47cm
Chinese indigo-dyed fabric and braid, fabric flowers, beads, stitch

"Dance My Dust"
80cm X 80cm
Chinese indigo-dyed fabric and braid, printing, stitch

"Dance My Dust Series: Psyche and Eros"
49cm x 50cm
Chinese Indigo-dyed fabric and braid, printing, stitch

contact elizabeth
email: tarrboiger@gmail.com

Selected pieces of work are available in high quality colour prints. Limited editions are printed on gloss or matt paper to exact dimensions of the original artwork, with a white border surround. Signed and dated by the artist. Contact the artist for prices.

Photography: Michael Wicks